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Art exhibitions held at Qingdao museums| Updated: October 7, 2023


Art exhibitions are being held at the TAG Art Museum and Yellow Box Art Museum in Qingdao West Coast New Area in East China's Shandong province. [Photo/WeChat account: qdxihaianfabu]

The TAG Art Museum is currently hosting an exhibition titled "Orbiting" featuring works by artist Hilary Pecis from Los Angeles, the United States. This is Pecis' first solo exhibition in China and showcases more than 20 paintings she has created over the past five years, including new pieces specifically produced for the exhibition.

Another exhibition at TAG Art Museum features works by Anthony Gormley, one of the most internationally-influential contemporary artists, who has gained widespread attention for his sculptures, installations and public artworks exploring the relationship between the human body and space. The exhibition brings together works from Gormley's nearly 40-year career, including several significant pieces. It is the most comprehensive presentation of Gormley's creations in Asia to date, offering an unmissable artistic journey.

The Yellow Box Art Museum is the first comprehensive art museum in China built around the core values of the "Yellow Box Theory." It aims to promote the integration of tradition and contemporary, Eastern and Western, elite and public, academia and market, and art and life. It strives to create a new model for art museums.

The current exhibition at Yellow Box Art Museum mainly showcases outstanding works by Leonardo da Vinci, an iconic figure of the Renaissance period. Through the display of da Vinci's research findings and digital exhibitions, models of da Vinci's mechanical designs, and reprints of his manuscripts, visitors will gain a unique understanding of the artist.