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Trade slows but still impels economy

China's foreign trade in July, though slower than expected, still achieved double-digit growth, as the country maintains steady demand for foreign commodities and continues to diversify its trading with various partners.

Talking in a common language

Young musicians from 13 countries recently gathered in Qingdao for the first Eurochestries Festival held in China.

Qingdao launches free beer-festival bus service

The eastern coastal city of Qingdao has launched a free bus service for visitors to the 2017 Qingdao International Beer Festival, which runs from Aug 4 to 23.

China's exports up 11.2%, imports up 14.7% in July

China's exports in yuan-denominated terms rose 11.2 percent year on year in July while imports increased 14.7 percent, customs data showed Tuesday.

Qingdao Intl Beer Festival opens in grand style

The 2017 Qingdao International Beer Festival opens in grand style at Qingdao Beer City of the coastal city's Huangdao district on Aug 4.

Qingdao's foreign trade volume ranks No 12 in China

Qingdao came in 12th place on the 2016 China Top 100 Foreign Trade Cities list recently released by China Customs, a magazine sponsored by China General Administration of Customs.

Qingdao zoo animals cool off in hot summer

Tigers paddle in a shallow pool to stay cool at the Qingdao Forest Wildlife World during the scorching heat, Qingdao, Shandong province.