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Dough lamps made to greet Lantern Festival in Qingdao

Villagers make dough lamps to greet the Lantern Festival in Yanggezhuang Village of Jimo district in Qingdao.

A Bite of China forges new wok stars

A handcrafted iron wok has become a must-have item for many people after it was featured in a popular TV documentary, sparking the industry to cultivate more young craftsmen to meet the booming demand.

'Sound' economic outlook seen

The conditions are right for China "to maintain sound economic growth this year" despite complicated domestic and international financial situations, an official at the National Bureau of Statistics said on Wednesday.

'A Bite of China' boosts sales of iron pans in E China

Handmade iron pans from the Zhangqiu district in Jinan, Shandong province, have become a popular item in Chinese kitchens after recently appearing in the hit documentary A Bite of China.

Street food lights up festive mood in E China's Qingdao

Pichai Yuan in the coastal city of Qingdao province boasts a string of mouthwatering street foods that attract both locals and tourists.

China growth rate to 'stay above 6.5 percent' mark

China will likely maintain a steady growth rate of above 6.5 percent in two years, with economic deleveraging and preventing financial risks top priorities for the government, a report said on Tuesday.

Haier COSMOPlat becomes first national-class industrial internet platform

COSMOPlat, independently designed and developed by Haier Group, China's largest home appliances maker based in Qingdao, became the country’s first national-class industrial internet platform approved by the National Development and Reform Commission.

Sinopec plans to import more oil from US

China Petroleum & Chemical Corp, China's largest oil refiner, is expected to import 10 million metric tons of crude oil from the United States this year, said the company, also known as Sinopec.