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Stable internal growth is China's economic focus for 2017

It is important to note that all these reforms are based on China's own internal forces irrespective of what is happening in the outside world.

Chinese characters and words representing 2016 announced

China released its annual characters and words of 2016 on Tuesday, with 规(rule) and 小目标(small goal) winning out among the candidate characters and words.

Weight-loss organizations proliferate in China as childhood obesity rate surges

As more and more children under the age of 5 are declared overweight and obese children under the age of 5, institutions are popping up all over China with the goal of helping people to lose weight.

'Jiaodong hua bobo': flouring of tradition and artistry

Jiaodong hua bobo, literally flour flower, refers to flower-shaped steamed buns.

High-speed trains race like winners in global markets

For China, it is a good time to be a bullet train manufacturer in the world market.

Year-ender: Most talked-about topics on the Chinese internet

There is no doubt that the internet and smatphones have changed everything from the way people shop to how they communicate.

Shandong promotes patent protection of targeted technologies

The intellectual property authority of East China's Shandong province announced last week the first batch of 15 key technologies developed by local companies and organizations.