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Iconic cartoon characters from your childhood

To a child, animation is an esesntial part of their life. Animation can free their mind, inspire their ideas and help them establish their own outlook on the world. In the lead up to celebrating the day, let’s look at some of the beloved characters that Chinese Post 80s and 90s grew up with.

Airbus Helicopters breaks ground for first assembly plant in China

Airbus Helicopters is moving forward with its strategic partnership with China, with construction now underway of its first helicopter assembly line in the country.

Movie museum opened to explain industry's history

The Qingdao Film Museum, the first of its kind in Qingdao of East China's Shandong province, opened to the public on May 20 to give people insight into how the movie industry has changed over the past centuries.

Australian etiquette expert teaches Shinan district of Western customs

Australian etiquette expert June Dally Watkins' visit to Shinan district, at the center of Qingdao, on May 19 marked a new highlight in the local fashion industry's development.

WannaCry hackings expose weaknesses

The recent widespread ransomware cyberattack is a landmark incident showing that computer viruses can attack anyone anywhere rather than just targeting certain groups, senior Chinese cybersecurity officials said.

Annual cyber security meeting held in Qingdao

The 2017 China Internet Security Conference began on May 22 in the eastern coastal city of Qingdao, Shandong province.

Thousands lace-up for Laoshan race

The 2017 Laoshan 100 Ultra Trial Race opened in grand style on May 20 on picturesque Laoshan Mountain in the eastern coastal city of Qingdao, Shandong province.

24 Solar Terms: 6 things you may not know about Grain Buds

Grain Buds, the 8th solar term of a year, begins on May 21 this year, and ends on June 4. It means that the seeds from the grain are becoming full but are not ripe.