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Animals at Qingdao Forest Wildlife World get health check

Animals at the Qingdao Forest Wildlife World like Siberian tigers, hippo and ring-tailed lemur on Tuesday got health examinations for the winter.

People enjoy exhibits at Behring Natural History Museum in Qingdao

The museum applies holographic digital image, virtual reality and human-computer interaction technologies to its exhibition.

Chinese, US institutions collaborate on extreme weather forecasting

A Chinese research institution has teamed up with US partners to establish the International Laboratory for High-Resolution Earth System Prediction, which is expected to make early forecasts on extreme weather.

VR technology set to transform healthcare

The booming technology of virtual reality could bring about revolutionary change in the medical field, though VR still faces huge challenges, experts said.

China, US to build intl climate change lab

Top research institutions in China and the US announced Thursday their plans to build an international laboratory, aiming to give more accurate predictions on global climate change and mitigate its negative impact on human beings.

Leaf paintings portray landscape of Qingdao

Liu Ping, an art teacher from a primary school in Qingdao city of Shandong province, has created a new series of propylene leaf paintings, which fuses landscapes of the coastal city with leaves to portray a fairytale world.

Sino-British ties enter new phase with Qingdao industrial park

Ties between China and the United Kingdom are not confined to political discussions at the government level, but also percolate down to the regional level with the involvement of individual businesses and people, officials from the two countries said.

Murder suspect likely to stay in Japan, experts say

Legal experts said on Tuesday that a Chinese suspect who will stand trial in Japan after being accused of killing a Chinese woman last year is unlikely to be returned to China, but the victim's mother could file a civil lawsuit in China to demand compensation if the man is convicted.

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