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Child courier sparks online concern

A young boy who works as a courier in a residential area in downtown Qingdao, Shandong province, has attracted the attention of thousands of people who are concerned about his welfare.

Man makes astounding shell sculptures of Qingdao buildings

A Qingdao citizen has created many shell sculptures of Qingdao's centuries-old buildings over the past 30 years.

Xi's bookshelf illustrates goal of developing AI powerhouse

Two books on President Xi Jinping's shelf drew public attention from both home and abroad immediately after they were seen in the video of Xi's New Year speech.

Huge room for Chinese yuan to improve global use: PBOC official

The Chinese yuan has huge room to improve its use in global systems partly due to increasing demand for yuan-denominated assets, a central bank official said Sunday.

Man makes miniatures of Qingdao's old buildings by shells and wood

Qingdao citizen Ji Zhoutong has been obsessed with making miniature buildings with shells for nearly 30 years.

Down Under's upward momentum

More flights, relaxed visa policies and promotional events are bringing up the number of Chinese visitors heading Down Under.

Made in China 2025 seen as a key priority for govt

In the past year, the government has been committed to transforming the manufacturing industry into a smart, high-quality sector by providing greater policy support and establishing national demonstration zones for the Made in China 2025 initiative.

Chinese property developers see surging 2017 sales despite cooling market

Chinese property developers reported surging sales last year despite a cooling market due to curbs on speculation.

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