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Tsingtao cements position in United Kingdom’s premium market

Tsingtao Beer is gaining popularity in the United Kingdom due to its European-tailored taste.

China's wealth inheritors: Entrepreneurial, educated, less materialistic

China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) released a white paper to describe China's second-generation inheritors of family business on Saturday.

China's textile industry turns to biomass fibre

Textile companies have long been dependent on crude oil when making common synthetic materials such as nylon or polyester but that could soon change.

12 more cities launch license plates for new energy cars

More Chinese cities began using special license plates for new energy vehicles Thursday, in an effort to relieve pressure on energy use and the environment.

Japanese lesson to improve manufacturing

Chinese electronics giant Hisense announced on Tuesday that it would acquire a 95 percent stake in Japan's Toshiba Visual Solutions Corp as part of its efforts to expand its global business. Under the 12.9 billion yen ($112.44 million) deal, which is likely to be completed by the end of February next year, Hisense Electric Co, the listed unit of Qingdao-based Hisense Group, will buy the TV business of Japan's struggling conglomerate Toshiba. After the transaction, Hisense will integrate the research and development wings, supply chains and global resource channels of the two companies.

VR technology set to transform healthcare

The booming technology of virtual reality could bring about revolutionary change in the medical field, though VR still faces huge challenges, experts said.

Sino-British ties enter new phase with Qingdao industrial park

Ties between China and the United Kingdom are not confined to political discussions at the government level, but also percolate down to the regional level with the involvement of individual businesses and people, officials from the two countries said.

Toshiba sells TV business to Hisense

Chinese home appliance maker Hisense Group said on Tuesday that it was acquiring the television business of struggling Japanese conglomerate Toshiba for 12.9 billion yen ($113.44 million) to further expand its overseas business.