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Experts gather to discuss global graphine industry

Academic research should give more impetus to accelerate the booming graphene industry in China, according to industrial experts.

Services, infrastructure are vital to trade growth

The future of China-Cuba business ties will be decided by the fast-growing services sector and trade in infrastructure construction materials, officials and industry experts said.

How Shandong is implementing supply-side reform

The GDP growth rate of Shandong, a coastal province in East China, was 7.3 percent in the first half of 2016, well above the national average of 6.3 percent, and the GDP was 3.17 trillion, ranking third in the country.

Consumer inflation continues to slow

Growth in China's consumer price index weakened for the fourth consecutive month in August to indicate the lowest inflation rate in almost a year, which analysts say leaves room for China to loosen its monetary policy to stabilize economic growth.

Growth of imports pointing to economic stabilization

China's imports in August rose for the first time in nearly two years while the decline in exports decelerated, signaling measures to stabilize growth may have taken effect.

Strength that's only an atom deep

China can play a globally significant role in graphene development and commercialization through scientific research, coordinating international scientific exchanges, and production, says Robert Young, a renowned graphene scientist and a professor of polymer science and technology at the University of Manchester.

Imported, affordable, heady

Demand for affordable imported wine is on the rise in China and driving US exports.

Economic momentum maintained

The economy appears to be stabilizing, despite the fragile global market and problems remaining with domestic development, analysts say.

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