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Gingko trees of over 1,300 years seen in Qingdao

Two gingko trees of over 1,300 years are planted inside the temple.

10 hot tourism topics for Chinese people

Chinese people's enthusiasm for tourism will soon be fired up, as an eight-day holiday will start Oct 1 and continue through Oct 8.

Qingdao glows with drunken beauty

Qingdao glows with drunken beauty

Escape the summer heat at Qingdao Beijiushui Scenic Area

An ideal place for people looking to escape the scorching summer heat.

You, too, can cool off-for a price

Shanghai resident Wang Liyun made one of the most hasty travel decisions of her life when she applied for annual leave, escaped the heat and took shelter with her family in Qingdao, Shandong province.

Ocean breezes ease summer heat wave

It's almost 50 C in my kitchen in Shanghai, leaving me little desire to cook. Ordering food online - which has the potential to make the delivery person suffer heatstroke - or visiting a restaurant are not on my list of options.

Loiter away summer evenings at Little Qingdao Island

Little Qingdao Island is perhaps the best symbol of Qingdao.

Summer flowers adorn Qingdao Botanic Garden

Make time for beautiful flowers and sweet scents at the Qingdao Botanic Garden.

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