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Quality will go hand in hand with growth

The 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in the Chinese mainland have released their GDP figures and adjusted the wording on how they will develop their economies this year, aiming for growth quality and sustainability.

Prototype 600 km/h maglev train expected by 2020

China is planning to develop a prototype by 2020 of a high-speed maglev train that can reach 600 kilometers per hour.

China's Qingdao to host SCO summit in June

East China's Qingdao will host the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit in June this year.

Haier moves to upgrade its products

Haier Group has made great efforts to cooperate with internet giants in the field of artificial intelligence and smart homes.

Shinan's fashionable transformation brings new charm to district

Shinan, one of the most developed districts in Qingdao, has sped up its transition from using old development drivers to new ones by integrating fashion and its social economy, to create a diverse and trendy urban area.

Qingdao charts fresh routes to success

Qingdao, a major coastal city in Shandong province, has drawn up a challenging and exciting agenda for 2018 - after having taken stock of the past year's achievements.

Jiaozhou speeds up build of key destinations for investment, business

Jiaozhou, a county-level city in Qingdao, has accelerated the construction of five strategic development platforms - to promote their quality, scale, profitability and competitiveness, so as to contribute more to the economy of Shandong province.

Sweet spot in economic transition

BEIJING - With a string of encouraging data, China's economy kicked off 2018 on a positive note, adding to optimism among international financial institutions about the world's second-largest economy.