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Haier's sales revenue rises 20% in 2017

China's leading home appliance maker Haier said on Saturday its global revenue increased 20 percent year-on-year to 241.9 billion yuan ($37.2 billion) in 2017 thanks to its expanding share in the high-end market.

China, Georgia FTA takes effect

Quarantine authorities of China's Shandong province issued a certificate of origin for a batch of mirror boards to be exported to Georgia, the first such certificate signed under the free trade agreement between the two countries.

Experts see tightening of money supply

China is likely to set the slowest money growth target in history, at around 9 percent, next year after top policymakers pledged to control the "master valve" of total money supply, which is recognized as the origin of the surging debt burden and the trigger of asset bubbles.

Opening-up further seen as a boost

China will open its doors wider to foreign investors as the nation looks to achieve high-quality growth, with more policies coming up in areas such as the financial, manufacturing and services sectors, officials said.

Hisense, JD.com further cooperation in smart appliances

Hisense announced a strategic partnership with JD.com to access the smart household appliance market.

China's economic guide set for 2018

High-quality development and forestalling risks will be the major theme of China's economic policies next year, according to decisions made at the Central Economic Work Conference, which concluded on Wednesday.

China no longer willing to pay environmental cost

Only those who profit from the practice are likely to disagree with the proposition that those who damage the environment should bear the costs of remedying the harm they cause.

Lower tariffs to make foreign brands shine

Tariff cuts on a wide range of consumer goods will give a boost to foreign brands in the Chinese market and, in the long run, should benefit domestic producers, analysts say.