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Tourism allure of blue seas and azure skies

First-time visitors are often stunned by the beauty of Qingdao. Its distinctive red tiled buildings, greenery, blue seas and azure sky set it apart from other Chinese cities.

District home to temples and beer

Home to a renowned mountain resort in China's eastern coast and the venue of a beer festival.

Marina club: Testing ground for cruise sector

Ian Fok Chun-wan,CEO of the Fok Ying Tung Group, points out the best advantage Nansha has.

Scenic Laoshan features architectural gems

Scenic Laoshan features architectural gems

Laoshan boosts Chinese intangible cultural heritage

The 2012 Laoshan Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival opened on Sunday Feb 5 and presented rich traditional Chinese culture and folk arts in Qingdao.

Chinese city, German accent

There is more than just that famous malty brew in Qingdao, in fact the former German concession has a charm that is very much all its own, as Li Yao discovers.

Beer, beach and markets

John Clark takes a break in Qingdao and delights in the city's many attractions even if he does fall flat on his face at the beer museum.

White foxes found again

Footprints from white foxes were found on Laoshan Mountain, Shandong province for the first time since Nov 2006.