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China's top 10 leisure cities

Visiting Qingdao, you can not only enjoy the pleasant climate and beautiful sceneries, but also feel the rich cultural blend between China and foreign countries, which has a very high aesthetic value of tourism.

Hotel Special: Home-from-home experience promised by Shandong hotel

The Qingdao Haiqing Hotel in Shandong province attracts visitors from across the world, drawn by its renowned architectural style, artistic ambience, home-from-home environment and quality of service.

Chinese version Disney will appear in Qingdao

Construction for a world-level culture and technological industry base broke ground in Shandong province’s Qingdao yesterday.

Earth, sea and sky merge at Laoshan Mountain

China has many famous mountains, including the "Five High Mountains"- its most famous peaks - but they are far from the sea, unlike 1,132-m Laoshan Mountain in Qingdao that has both grand vistas and a storied history.

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