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First Qingdao Cherry Blossom Festival opens

( | 2023-03-23

As the weather gets warmer with the arrival of spring, thousands of cherry trees are blooming in Beizhai subdistrict of Qingdao's Laoshan district, attracting hordes of visitors eager to admire the wonderful spring flowering season with family and friends.


Beizhai subdistrict is immersed in a sea of blooming cherry blossoms in the spring. [Photo by Yang Zhiwen/Guanhai News]

Beizhai is a renowned cherry production base in Shandong province. To promote local rural tourism, the local government has launched the first Qingdao Cherry Blossom Festival, which opened on March 22, to attract more tourists and enhance recognition of the local tourism brand.

Supported by the Shandong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, the Shandong Rural Tourism Association, the Qingdao municipal bureau of culture and tourism, as well as the Laoshan district government, the event will last until early April.

An extravaganza of cultural and tourism activities will be held across scenic spots in Beizhai, as well as local cherry plantations, with the aim to create a new ecological sightseeing tourist area integrating "flower appreciation, folk custom experiences, tea tasting, leisure, and shopping".

A photography contest is underway, calling for photographers and shutterbugs to showcase the natural beauty of Laoshan district in spring.


Tourists take pictures with cherry blossoms in Beizhai subdistrict. [Photo by Yang Zhiwen/Guanhai News]

Visitors are encouraged to post videos of the cherry blossom festival on video-sharing mobile apps like Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok.

A design competition is also underway, inviting college students to show their innovative designs for the promotion of local agriculture products, tourism, and other sectors.

Seven routes to admire cherry blossoms were released to promote flower tours, spring camping, and limited edition products for the spring.


The blooming cherry flowers turn mountains into a shimmering pink white wonderland. [Photo by Yang Zhiwen/Guanhai News]


A bee buzzes in the blooming cherry flowers. [Photo by Yang Zhiwen/Guanhai News]