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Qingdao boasts handful of resources for tourists

( | 2023-03-24


Qingdao, Shandong province [Photo/VCG]

As a renowned historical and cultural city in China, Qingdao integrates natural beauty, cultural heritage and modernity, and is striving to build itself into a high-quality bay area for leisure, vacation and industries.

The upcoming 2023 Shandong Provincial Tourism Development Conference in Qingdao is expected to add new momentum to the recovery of the city's tourism market. 

The 2023 Qingdao West Coast Half Marathon kicked off on March 19 in Golden Beach Beer City, attracting nearly 10,000 runners from all over the country. The marathon boasted a beautiful route surrounded by mountains and the sea as well as scenic spots such as Tangdao Bay Park, and silver beach. 

The Golden Beach Beer City also plans to hold the Hajiu Fair during this year's May Day holiday and create unique experiences for visitors with 70 fashion stalls, outdoor theaters and starry tents.

Qingdao has four provincial-level tourist blocks including the newly approved Dabaodao Island Cultural and Leisure Block and Lubang International Style Street.

The Dabaodao Island Cultural and Leisure Block has been protected and developed since 2019 and opened to the public in 2021. Relying on the historical and cultural resources of Dabaodao Island, the block held a series of activities and has become a fusion of history and modernity. 

Lubang International Style Street, located in Chengyang district, is a characteristic block for commercial tourism. It focuses on boosting industries such as night sightseeing and recreation, cultural experiences, special catering and shopping.

In November 2022, Tsingtao Beer Museum became a demonstration base for national industrial tourism. The museum remains committed to inheriting civilization and publicizing beer culture in various forms. The newly created real-scene tour The Awakened Winemaker is popular among tourists.

Since its opening in 2016, Mangrove Tree Resort, a national-level nighttime cultural tourism consumption cluster in Jimo district, has received more than 10 million tourists. It plays a key role in stimulating consumption and driving the growth of night economy.

Qingdao is home to two national-level tourist resorts, four provincial-level tourist resorts and many well-known hotel brands such as the Lalu Qingdao, Hilton and Wyndham. It is also a paradise for beach and water sports such as beach volleyball, surfing, sailing and diving.

Rural sightseeing is also a key part of Qingdao's tourism industry. 

Up to now, Qingdao has three national-level rural tourism villages, nine provincial-level rural tourism villages, three boutique towns and 55 scenic villages. The development of all-for-one tourism in Qingdao is not only an exploration of resources, but also an improvement of the tourism industry's service level and infrastructure.