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Shinan district, located along the southern coast of Qingdao, is a center of politics, economy, tourism, culture, science and technology, finance and trade. The district's economy saw rapid development in 2019. The GDP reached to 121.75 billion yuan ($17.15 billion), a year-on-year increase of 5.4 percent. Its social total retail sales of consumer goods increased 7.03 percent.

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Shinan to build new type of think tank for shipping development

The Qingdao branch of the Shanghai International Shipping Institute will engage in research and consultation work related to Qingdao Port and help Qingdao, especially Shinan distric.

Shinan to launch world-class scientific instrument industrial park

The signing ceremony for Qingdao Scientific Instrument Industrial Park was held in Shinan on Nov 2.

Shinan to build Silicon Valley-style bank

Beijing Zhilai Investment Co Ltd is expected to set up a special investment fund of 500 million yuan ($75.95 million) in Shinan district.

Shinan develops innovative nighttime economic complex

The launching ceremony of "HI CITY", a cultural and commercial complex, was held in Shinan district, Qingdao, Shandong province on May 22.

Key project to be carried out in Shinan

Shinan signed a contract focusing on science and technology related to aging and longevity with two enerprises.

Shinan cloud library becomes national excellent reading project

The Qingdao Cloud Library was among the 2019 Excellent Projects for Reading Promotion by the Library Society of China.