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Winter beauty in Zhushan National Park, Qingdao

Although the weather is cold, tourists still go out to enjoy the winter beauty of the park, which is wrapped in a silver-white layer of frost and snow after the recent heavy snowfall.

Cultural riviera

The city has grown as a sailing hub since its designation as the 2008 Olympics maritime-sports venue, but it also draws visitors with its history, and colonial-era architecture.

West coast peninsular declared national tourism resort

The Phoenix Peninsular (or Fenghuangdao) Tourist Resort on the west coast of Qingdao was listed as a national tourism resort by the National Tourism Administration on Oct 9.

Mackerel Festival in Shazikou of the Fourth Laoshan Travel Season

Time: April-October, 2014
Place: fishing port in Shazikou

The eleventh Kutao flower fair of the Fourth Laoshan Travel Season

Time: Apr. 25- Oct. 25, 2014
Place: Kutao flower trading centre

Fourth Laoshan Travel season opens in Qingdao with ten activities to attract visitors

Now it costs only 100 yuan ($ 16.36) to climb Mount Erlong, enjoy Laoshan tea and eat in farm houses, as well as make steamed buns, according to Qingdao Daily.

Happy picking up tea activity of the Fourth Laoshan Travel Season

Time: late June, 2014
Place: Old man stone scenic spot
Tel: 0532—88890758

Beneficial leisure activity of the Fourth Laoshan Travel Season

Time: March-June, 2014
Place: main tourism enterprises in the district