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10 hot tourism topics for Chinese people

Chinese people's enthusiasm for tourism will soon be fired up, as an eight-day holiday will start Oct 1 and continue through Oct 8.

Tourism summit to examine global issues

The impact of globalization on major tourism cities will be explored at a Los Angeles summit this week.

Historic cars on display at Qingdao auto show

A vintage car exhibition is part of this year's Qingdao auto show, which kicked off on Sept 6 and runs for six days, with around a dozen classic vintage cars on display.

Jinan-Qingdao high-speed railway under construction

Workers install overhead line system of Jinan-Qingdao high-speed railway on Nov 26, 2017.

Animals at Qingdao Forest Wildlife World get health check

Animals at the Qingdao Forest Wildlife World like Siberian tigers, hippo and ring-tailed lemur on Tuesday got health examinations for the winter.

Lives of Taoist priests on Laoshan Mountain

As the highest costal mountain in China and located in a isolated area, the mountain has become a perfect sanctuary for hermits and clergies to live in seclusion and practice their rituals.

Gingko trees of over 1,300 years seen in Qingdao

Two gingko trees of over 1,300 years are planted inside the temple.

Fashion, cultural hub set to revitalize Qingdao's charm

Five ancient villas in Qingdao, Shandong province, that date back to the 1890s were opened to the public as modern arts centers, as part of the city's efforts to infuse new life into old buildings.