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2010 Olympic Sailing City Mayors & International Sailing Summit Forum held in Qingdao

The first Olympic Sailing City Mayors & International Sailing Summit Forum was held in Qingdao

500 sailors compete in Qingdao int'l sailing events

About five hundred sailors from 14 countries and regions will compete in the Qingdao International Sailing Week.

Rich splash out on new status symbol

Yacht owners in China tend to keep a low profile, both to conceal their wealth and protect their privacy.

Qingdao's sailing forum a 'commendable initiative'

Mr.Jacques Rogge sent a message to the sailing-theme forum rating it as a "commendable initiative".

Qingdao Declaration on International Sailing Sport

More than 200 representatives from over 20 countries and regions participated in the 2010 Qingdao International Sailing Week.

Sailing training camp for teenagers kicks off in east China

An international sailing training camp kicked off on Monday in Qingdao, east China's Shandong province.

3 Japan MSDF vessels to make port call in Qingdao in mid-Oct

Three Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force vessels will make a port call at the eastern Chinese coastal city of Qingdao from Oct. 15 to 19

To enjoy a nautical life

Yacht training schools are springing up in the country's major costal cities as more and more people look to enjoy a nautical life.