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Over 1,000 sailors attend 3rd Qingdao International Sailing Week

The third Qingdao International Sailing Week kicked off Saturday evening, and over 1,000 sailors around the world will compete here in five events in two weeks.

Qingdao Sailing Week

More than one thousand of the world's top sailors and coaches from about 20 countries and regions will compete in a series of sailing events along the coast of Qingdao.

City of sails

A sailing competition is held in Qingdao, Shandong province, in May. Chinese interest in the sport has grown following the 2008 Olympics and the Qingdao government plans to build the city into the "Chinese City of Sails".

ISAF Extreme Sailing Series kicks off in China

The ISAF Extreme Sailing Series made its debut Wednesday in east China's Qingdao city..

Qingdao hosts ISAF Extreme Sailing Series

The Extreme Sailing Series of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) will be held in east China's Qingdao city from April 13 to April 17, announced an official of the local organizing committee Tuesday.

Mayor won special award for sailing sports

The Asia Sailing Federation (ASF) on Saturday presented Xia Geng, the mayor of Qingdao, with a special award to celebrate his contribution to sailing in Asia.

New hotel in Olympic Sailing Center nears completion

A new hotel is now under construction at the Qingdao Sailing Center of the 2008 Beijing Olympics with an estimated budget of 1.5 billion RMB ($223.7 million), and is due to be completed in the first half of 2013.

China's most largest private luxury yacht sold

On the last day of the exhibition, a 78 million yuan yacht was sold, which is China's most expensive and the largest private luxury yacht in the history!