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Standards Make Cities Smarter2017-06-22

June 28 10:00-12:05
China Hall (Second Floor)

It offers a high-end platform for governments, enterprises and other stakeholders to conduct in-depth discussions related to international standardization and social, economic and environmental development.

Voluntary Sustainable Standards Workshop2017-06-22

Co-organizer: China Association for Standardization
June 27 9:00-17:30, Ballroom 1 (First Floor)

The VSS Workshop is the first seminar held by a Chinese national platform on this issue. Relevant organizations including the United Nations, German Development Institute/Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE), State Council Development Research Center, ISEAL Alliance and other institutions, together with domestic industries and related stakeholders, will attend the forum and discuss the status of VSS in China and relevant opportunities and challenges.

Advanced Standards Leading the Development of Intelligent Manufacturing2017-06-22

Co-organizer: Haier Group Corporation
June 28 14:00-18:30, Ballroom 1 (First Floor)

Based on the theme "Collaborative Innovation & Smart Future", the sub-forum is designed to further promote the intelligent manufacturing industry and build an advanced standardization system.

Equipment and Technical Innovation Development of High-speed Railways Promoted by Standards2017-06-22

Co-organizer: CRRC Qingdao Sifang Co Ltd
June 28 14:00-18:30, Ballroom 2 (First Floor)

The event aims to share the experience in technological development gained by Chinese high-speed railway equipment manufacturers, boost technical exchanges and cooperation and promote the application of international standards in different products.

International Standards Support Sustainable Development of Cities2017-06-22

Co-organizer: China National Institute of Standardization
June 28 14:00-18:30, Ballroom 3 (First Floor)

Experts from ISO, SEED, China France, Canada, Japan and other countries are invited to share their management, evaluation, and application and implementation experience of sustainable development in cities and smart cities, which will provide a platform for communication and learning for Qingdao and other cities in China.

International Forum on Ships and Marine Standardization & Industrial Development2017-06-22

Co-organizer: Shipbuilding Information Center of China
June 28 14:00-18:30, China Hall 1 (Second Floor)

The sub-forum is divided into two sessions: "Development of ships and the marine industry: How can standards help?" and "Regional development and standards demand".
Domestic and international enterprise representatives, and technical and standard specialists in ships and the marine field are invited to attend the sub-forum.

International Standardization Talent Cultivation and Education2017-06-22

Co-organizer: Qingdao University
June 28 14:00-18:30, China Hall 3 (Second Floor)

Experiences of standardization training, rules of standardization education and related issues will be shared and discussed at the meeting by top officials from international standardization organizations and experts and scholars from standardization training, education and research institutes and universities.