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Voluntary Sustainable Standards Workshop

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Voluntary Sustainable Standards Workshop

Co-organizer: China Association for Standardization

June 27 9:00-17:30, Ballroom 1 (First Floor)

Voluntary sustainability standards (VSS) are standards developed at local, national or international level by organizations from the public and private sectors on environmental and social improvements. Private VSS are developed by businesses or not-for-profit NGOs. While sustainable standards are mostly voluntary standards, they are often de facto mandatory in practice.

The VSS Workshop is the first seminar held by a Chinese national platform on this issue. Relevant organizations including the United Nations, German Development Institute/Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE), State Council Development Research Center, ISEAL Alliance and other institutions, together with domestic industries and related stakeholders, will attend the forum and discuss the status of VSS in China and relevant opportunities and challenges.