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Bay's appeal enjoyed at leisure

By YUAN SHENGGAO | (China Daily) | 2023-07-21

Known for its coastal beauty, Qingdao, a city in Shandong province, has a total coastline of 905.2 kilometers and more than 30 bays including Qingdao Bay, Huiquan Bay, Taiping Bay and Fushan Bay. It also boasts uniquely charming mountains and waters and diverse cultural heritage.

Located in Shinan district, Qingdao Bay stretches from Tuandao Island in the west and is connected to the downtown area in the north and Jiaozhou Bay in the south.

It is a seaside scenic area centered on the natural bay, composed of numerous scenic spots and attractions. Qingdao Bay's coastline is meandering, and the waters are calm thanks to the solid wave-damping breakwaters along the coast. The surrounding streets, offering picturesque views, are bustling.

With the accelerated pace of urban construction, the development around Qingdao Bay is advancing by leaps and bounds, always surprising the world. Qingdao Bay shines as one of the most beautiful city landmarks in Qingdao.

With red tiles and green trees, blue sea and sky, the natural attributes of the area give the southern part of the city a unique advantage as a "natural photography studio".

Qingdao is a city born for movies and the southern part of the city is even more favored by light and shadow.

Badaguan, or Eight Great Passes, Xiaoyushan, Liyuan and Boluoyouzi are gathering spots for the entertainment industry, adding another layer of depth and excitement to Shinan.

The towering buildings, European-style architecture and lively vintage streets are frequent settings for film and TV crews. Tourists follow the footsteps of the characters in their favorite dramas, immersing themselves in the dreamlike blend of fiction and reality in the southern part of the city.

To make Qingdao more vibrant, fashionable and charming, Shinan integrates culture and tourism and promotes famous attractions such as Qingdao Bay, Huiquan Bay, Fushan Bay, the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center and Qingdao Underwater World.

Shinan has deepened cooperation with Qingdao Tourism Group and other cultural tourism enterprises to boost the marine cultural tourism industry.

In accordance with the Implementation Plan for the Creation of National 5A-level Tourist Attractions in Qingdao Olympics Ocean Culture and Tourism Zone, Shinan supports the group in improving the surrounding urban environment, scenic spot publicity and creating 5A-level tourist attractions. Relying on the visitor center of the sailing center, Shinan will integrate augmented reality, virtual reality, naked-eye 3D and other technologies to enhance the experience of cultural tourism projects.

Shinan is also introducing high-end performances and cultural activities, such as fashion exhibitions, to enhance the cultural atmosphere of the sailing center and make it a fashionable gathering place in the city.

The district strives to develop a batch of marine-themed tourism products and routes by focusing on formats such as cruise yachts, water sports, island tours and underwater diving.


A picturesque view of Qingdao Bay. CHINA DAILY