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​Craft Beer Garden opens in Qingdao

( | 2022-06-28


The 1903 Craft Brewing Workshop in the Craft Beer Garden allows consumers to dine in the brewery and taste a wide range of craft beers. [Photo/WeChat ID: qdxihaianfabu]

A new landmark of the "City of Beer" - Tsingtao Beer · Craft Beer Garden - opened to the public at the Golden Beach Beer City in Qingdao West Coast New Area on June 26.

Featuring a beer-themed design, the Craft Beer Garden highlights an immersive consumer experience by creating a beer lover's paradise where people can taste a wide range of craft beers, see how the beer is made, and experience beer culture.

The 1903 Craft Brewing Workshop, where world-class beer production equipment and techniques are showcased and craft beers of various flavors are offered, is a must-visit in the Craft Beer Garden as its novel design brings a whole new experience for beer enthusiasts.

Through the fully open and transparent floor structure at the entrance, visitors can directly observe the craft brewing process in the basement as well as sit at dining tables within the brewery, and visit tasting rooms in the cellar.

In addition, resort hotels, whiskey clubs, beer spa, creative baking, and marriage services can also be found in the Craft Beer Garden. The place integrates craft beer production and tasting, food, entertainment, self-service drinking, performing arts, and tourism.

Tsingtao Brewery and Qingdao West Coast New Area will cooperate to make the Craft Beer Garden a demonstration project for the integrated development of culture and tourism.