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First Laoshan Rural Revitalization Summit held in Qingdao

( ) | 2018-03-28

Laoshan district in the southeast part of Qingdao city is intended to make good use of countryside resources to boost rural economy on the First Laoshan Rural Revitalization Summit held on March 25.

A total of 700 officials, entrepreneurs and experts from different departments, professional associations, and companies attended the summit.

Jiang Duntao, Party secretary of Laoshan district, delivered a keynote speech on Laoshan's blueprint for implementation of its rural revitalization strategy.

"Laoshan, a scenic district in Qingdao, is on the fast track to boost rural economy. We will utilize the resources provided by sea and mountains to promote ecological tourism in rural areas. Idyllic scenic spots, natural plantations and classic homestays will attract more visitors to choose Laoshan as their destination."

The district is committed to create 70 tourism villages with 3A level scenic spot standards, including 20 characteristic demonstration villages by 2020. It also plans for more bed-and-breakfast establishments and eateries that will drive up employment and incomes among locals.

The "Laoshan Declaration" was released at the summit to roll out some strategies on how to effectively prompt the modernization of agriculture and the countryside and stimulate the rural economy in Laoshan district.

Some experts brainstormed on how modern information and digital technologies promote rural economic development. They also focused on topics like urban and rural resource integration, coastline economic development and Laoshan nature resource protection.

The summit focused on disscussing strategies to revitalize the rural economy and promote industrial upgrading in the countryside of Laoshan district.

Laoshan district is a new garden-style district, with a total area of 389 square kilometers and seafront of 103 kilometers. Highlights include Qingdao high-tech industrial park, Laoshan Scenic Area and the Shilaoren Holiday Resort.