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City for all seasons is true delight for world's tourists

By Hu Qing | (China Daily) | 2018-03-23

Since the beginning of the 20th century, Qingdao has been renowned as one of China's leading tourist destinations, with attractions and health resorts that have garnered frequent praise from many of the country's political leaders and celebrities.

Its white beaches, European-style architecture, well-preserved heritage and the Laoshan Mountains, a sacred site for Taoists, have long attracted tourists from around the world.

The city has a lot to offer tourists, whether they want to revel in nature, experience its rich culture or simply relax and have fun.

Badaguan scenic area

Known for its garden villas and Western-style buildings, Badaguan scenic area has been termed a "world expo of architecture".

With its year-round blossoms and green leaves, it is perfect for sightseeing at any time, whether on foot or by car. Built during the late 1800s and early 1900s when Qingdao was a German concession, it is testimony to the city's century-old evolution.

Laoshan National Park

The highest mountain along China's 18,000-kilometer coastline, the main peak of Laoshan is 1,133 meters above sea level. Affording spectacular ocean views, it is also famous as one of the cradles of Taoism, as well as for its historic temples. During the summer, crystal water runs through mountain creeks and visitors can find a tranquil sanctum in its forest.

Beach, water sports

As a coastal city, Qingdao is known for its bathing beaches and numerous water sports. Recognized as the largest sandy beach in Asia, and the best in Qingdao, the No 1 Bathing Beach is praised by both swimmers and sun worshippers for its soft sands and clear waters.

Qingdao is also China's capital of sailing, with a thriving water sports industry. At the International Olympic Sailing Center, visitors can watch top-class international sailing and marvel at the array of luxury yachts on display.

Phoenix Peninsula

The Phoenix Peninsula in Huangdao district is recognized as a "national tourism and resort zone", a title exclusive to China's top resort destinations.

Phoenix Peninsula is 21 square kilometers in size and stretches out over 54 km of coastline that includes the 3.5-km Golden Beach, which is a national-level 4A scenic spot, China's second-highest such ranking.

Beer festival

The city has hosted the annual Qingdao International Beer Festival since 1991. It is Asia's largest beer festival and has been recognized as one of the top 10 festivals in China by the Asia Events Fortune Forum. Last August the festival welcomed more than 2 million tourists who consumed in excess of 600 tons of beer over the course of eight days.

Horticulture Expo Park

In 2014, Qingdao hosted the International Horticultural Expo in Licang district. The venue is consistently preserved and maintained and is now recognized as a 4-A tourist attraction.

Located in the northern downtown area of the city, the park features both eco-tourism and horticultural art. Flower shows, running races, music festivals and camping events are regularly held in the park.


Pichaiyuan is the snack area where visitors can taste all kinds of traditional Qingdao snacks such as fried dumplings, tofu jelly and shrimp wontons. There are about 40 restaurants in the courtyard on Zhongshan Road in Shinan district.

Another popular area is Qingdao Beer Street on Dengzhou Road in Shibei district, which boasts more than 50 bars and eateries. It is impossible to miss, as the road is painted green.

The city also has 145 star-rated hotels and 11 five-star hotels that have hosted top executives, world leaders and celebrities.

East sightseeing belt

Near May 4 Square, the East Urban Sightseeing Belt is a new town in the east, and it is Qingdao's political, economic and cultural center. Dozens of landmark squares, parks, theaters, yacht marinas, golf courses and resorts can be found throughout the area, and there are also numerous skyscrapers that contribute to fascinating seaside landscape.


Known for its Western-style buildings, the Badaguan scenic area has been termed a "world expo of architecture". Wang Bo / For China Daily


One of the Catholic churches built during the German concession period. Zhang Jianhua / For China Daily 


Foreign tourists enjoy their beer during the Qingdao International Beer Festival. Provided To China Daily