Cultural, tourism industry thrives in Shinan

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: August 27, 2021

The Shinan district of Qingdao – the port city located in East China's Shandong province – is famed for its natural, historical and cultural sites and visitors to it often take in a multitude of vibrant colors: buildings adorned with vivid red roof tiles, lush and verdant green trees, clear skies and the piercing blue sea.

The district is revivifying its cultural tourism attractions, to create new hot spots that are being customized to the latest trends in what visitors and locals want.

These days people can't seem to get enough of the Qingdao Western Old Town, which is currently undergoing a revamp.

The integrated development of its facilities has reportedly helped transform the old town experience into something far more upbeat and there is now a real buzz there.

Various popular areas such as the Huangdao Road, Beijing Road, and Zhejiang Road, have recently introduced eye-catching performances, catering services and technology experience activities to offer interactive tours and create exciting memories for those who visit Qingdao.  

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Shinan is revamping its cultural tourism attractions to create new hot spots that are customized to tourism market trends. [Photo/WeChat account: qdweishinan]