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Shinan district's Huangdao Road undergoes revamp

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: May 27, 2021

市南 马路.png

Construction workers, replace 362 reconditioned heavy stone blocks on Huangdao Road. [Photo/WeChat account: qdweishinan]

The Shinan district of Qingdao city – located in East China's Shandong province – has been driving forward with improvements to its infrastructure and facilities in the Huangdao Road area and is currently revamping and modernizing its general appearance, according to local media reports on May 27.

The road's drainage system was upgraded, renewing the old rainwater sewage pipeline, improving flows and eliminating current blockages – helping to improve the lives of residents.

Some 362 heavy rectangular stone blocks on the roadbed were all carefully numbered, before being lifted up and transported for renovation, ensuring their accurate replacement during the road reconditioning work.

An on-site worker said that before the project, all the construction workers had received technical training to ensure that the stone paving was safely restored.

In the wake of the renovation work in the historic city this year, the reconstruction and upgrading of the Qingdao Western Old Town is widely seen as having injected vigor and prosperity in Shinan.

In addition, the district is launching major construction projects for urban renewal and protection.

It is expected that the work currently under way – including the construction of new landmarks, as well as cultural development in Shinan – will play a key role in enhancing the city's cultural profile in the near future.