Little Qingdao Island

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: October 22, 2019

Of all of Qingdao's many scenic spots, Little Qingdao Island is perhaps the best symbol of the eastern coastal city with its old German lighthouse, marvelous views and serene settings.


Little Qingdao Island, a symbol of Qingdao with its old German lighthouse. [Photo/china.org.cn]

The small island, located near the mouth of Jiaozhou Bay and close to Zhanqiao Pier, Tuandao Isle, and the Sea Palace, is undoubtedly the best spot to take in the port's magnificent cityscape set against a background of verdant mountains.

Occupying just 0.012 square kilometers, the island is quite small. Its iconic white lighthouse was constructed by the German army in 1900. Standing 15.5 meters high, it's made of reflective white marble and still serves as an important beacon for shipping in and out of Jiaozhou Bay.

Since it's shaped like a qin (an ancient Chinese zither), the island is sometimes known as Qin Island.


 A night view of Little Qingdao Island. [Photo/ qingdaonews.com]


Looking out from Little Qingdao Island at sunset, visitors will note a mixture of floating natural shadows and multicolored city lights. [Photo by Pang Wei/ qingdaonews.com]