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Jimo brings audiovisual feast to citizens

A large colorful dance gala by the China National Opera and Dance Drama Theater was staged at the Blüthner Grand Theater in the Jimo Economic Development District on April 9.

Chinese scientists complete full genome sequencing of Peruvian scallop

Chinese scientists have completed the world's first whole genome sequencing of the Peruvian scallop, an economically important bivalve in Chile, Peru and China.

'Seawater rice' may help fill food gap

Chinese agricultural researchers have selected 176 strains of saltwater-tolerant rice out of more than 1,000 candidates from experimental paddies and expect them to be widely planted across the country in further trials this year.

Colorful graffiti embellishes Qingdao street

A number of cute and sometimes unusual graffiti paintings recently popped up along Daxue Road in Qingdao, East China's Shandong province.

Qingdao cruise tourism enters high season

Qingdao cruise tours, which offer a comfortable environment and integrate catering, housing, tourism, shopping and entertainment, have been more and more popular since April.

Qingdao Agricultural University completes genome sequencing of argopecten purpuratus

Research team from Marine Science and Engineering College of Qingdao Agricultural University completed the genome sequencing and analysis of argopecten purpuratus on April 4.

Director of Hague Business Agency visits Qingdao

A Hague delegation led by Ilja van Haaren, director of the Hague Business Agency, visited Qingdao on April 7 and 8, and held talks with Ma Weigang, director of Qingdao Bureau of Commerce.

China's unmanned submersible dives to 4,266m under sea

China's unmanned submersible "Hailong III" dived 4,266 meters below the sea surface in the western Pacific Ocean late Wednesday while conducting a 4,500-meter level deep water test.