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Foreign trade prospects stay upbeat

China's foreign trade prospects are set to remain upbeat during the upcoming six months, after expanding at the fastest pace since the second half of 2011.

Qingdao bride drives bus to wedding

Forget the romance of a horse-drawn carriage — this couple in eastern China decided to go green and drive to their wedding in a new energy bus.

Turn your home into an 'eco haven'

Energy-efficient home appliances have become an industry trend as consumers pursue greener lifestyles.

Chinese fever grips US students

Language is no longer a barrier for Chinese tourists in the United States as more Americans are learning Chinese.

China to test underwater gliders, submersible in latest expedition

Chinese scientists will begin testing the country's self-developed underwater gliders and autonomous unmanned submersible in yet another maritime scientific expedition.

Tsingtao beer mobile brewery reaches Shanghai drinkers

Tsingtao Brewery's beer is probably one of the most renowned Chinese beverage brands in the world. The century-old company recently launched a national brewing tour to promote its premium brew.

Jinjialing sees rapid influx of new companies

Jinjialing Financial District has quickly established itself as a new hub for financial businesses in Qingdao.