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Healthy waters

'A strong nation faces the sea while a weak one turns its back on it," is how Lin Zexu described Britain's victory and China's defeat in the First Opium War (1839-42).

Qingdao maps route to 'Blue Silicon Valley'

Plans by the city government of Qingdao call for a "Blue Silicon Valley" in Shandong province.

Tunnel to connect Blue Silicon Valley

A new tunnel would go though Laoshan Mountain in Qingdao. The tunnel would be located to the west of Yangkou Tunnel to link the railway between Qingdao and Blue Silicon Valley in Jimo.

Qingdao to host 1st sea-culture creative park

The 1688 Cultural and Creative Industry Park, the first of its kind to focus on sea culture in China, started constructions in a decommissioned factory in Qingdao.

Home of the nation's deep-sea research

Garlanded with triumph and glory, Jiaolong, the manned submersible returned to Qingdao on July 16.

Coastal city sees "blue Silicon Valley" in its future

Qingdao has its sights on being China's "blue Silicon Valley" - an international center for marine science and technology.

Qingdao leads the nation in marine developments

Qingdao has an environment comparable to Silicon Valley's, in California, or India's Bangalore, and is known for its marine resources.

China's national deep-sea base to begin construction this year

Located in east China's coastal city of Qingdao, the base will cost 495 million yuan ($76.2 million) and will be a multi-functional institution that will aid China in its study and exploration of the ocean

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