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SPG sets up representative office in UK

( | 2024-05-22


Shandong Port Group attends the China (Shandong) - UK Business Cooperation Dialogue. [Photo provided to]

The China (Shandong) - UK Business Cooperation Dialogue kicked off in London, Britain on May 14, local time, bringing together participants from the UK and Shandong governments, business associations, and various enterprises. Shandong Port Group (SPG) launched its UK representative office during the event.

During the conference, Huo Gaoyuan, chairman of SPG, promoted the group's business and shared detailed information about the company's high-quality growth. With advantages such as a strategic location, excellent port facilities, large capacity, diverse cargo types, and favorable policies, SPG received high recognition from attendees for its comprehensive strengths. In particular, SPG's port-centered integrated supply chain solutions garnered positive feedback from the UK port and shipping sector.

The event witnessed the launch of the UK representative office, another milestone for SPG in expanding its presence in Europe after setting up a regional office in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in May 2023. This initiative is a concrete effort to help SPG expedite its internationalization, expand its overseas business, establish platforms for development, achieve win-win collaboration and deepen partnerships with European enterprises.

During the event, SPG Overseas Development Group inked a memorandum of understanding with Lconnect, the leading logistics solutions provider in the UK. The agreement aims to align resources efficiently in port, shipping, logistics and trade to enhance the China-UK trade corridor.

Moving forward, SPG will continue to benchmark against the Port of London, shore up points of weakness in high-end shipping services, the port's general environment and other areas, and jointly build a more sustainable global supply chain with European partners, contributing to China-Europe trade and economic exchange.