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Qingdao firms shine at Canton Fair

( | 2024-05-07


At this year's Canton Fair, the X11 series washing machine produced by Chinese home appliance giant Haier Group becomes a "star product". [Photo/Qingdao News] 

The 135 Canton Fair was held in Guangzhou in three phases from April 15 to May 5. It is the largest spring session of the Canton Fair to date. As of May 4, more than 246,000 overseas buyers from 215 countries and regions attended, representing a 24.5 percent increase compared to the same period in the previous session.

At this year's Canton Fair, the Qingdao trade delegation had a total of 1,269 booths with 837 participating companies, including 254 brand booths and 42 enterprises, with 48 high-quality characteristic companies recognized as national high-tech enterprises, specialized and new small giants, or Chinese time-honored brands.

According to statistics from the Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Commerce, prospective orders at this year's fair amounted to $909 million, a 6.9 percent increase compared to the 134th Autumn Fair and a 14.7 percent increase compared to the 133rd Spring Fair.

Chinese home appliance giant Haier Group, which is based in Shandong's Qingdao, made its first appearance at the Canton Fair and exhibited the first four-star refrigerator in Asia in 1988. In the Haier Smart Home exhibition area at this year's event, the X11 series washing machine has become a star product. 

"It is 50 percent more energy-efficient than the European A-level energy efficiency standard, which fits our needs perfectly", said a buyer from Europe.

"Currently, Haier Smart Home is able to bring high premium and high sales volume to the brand through diverse innovative products," said vice-president of Haier Overseas Electric Appliances Corp, a subsidiary of Chinese home appliances giant Haier Group.

"At this year's Canton Fair, Hisense highlighted industry-leading scenario-based display technology and smart home solutions", said Fang Xueyu, president of Hisense Group's international marketing unit, emphasizing that Hisense's participation in the Canton Fair is no longer just about product transactions but serves as a platform to showcase its brand strength and technological capabilities.