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Qingdao steps up efforts to become 'beautiful city'

( | 2024-03-27

In recent years, Qingdao in East China's Shandong has adhered to a path of green sustainable development while boosting the local economy, with remarkable progress made in environmental protection.

The transformation of the city's Lingshan Bay is a shining example of Qingdao's work in protecting the environment.


The picturesque Lingshan Bay in early spring is home to clear waters and pristine beaches. [Photo/WeChat account: gh_10c3180775c6]

The transformation of Lingshan Bay vividly illustrates Qingdao's adherence to the so-called "ecological priority and green development" concept in recent years.

The city has brought atmospheric pollution under control in key areas, during critical periods, and in major industries by implementing a series of targeted measures. It has stepped up efforts to control spring dust and tackle ozone pollution in summer and autumn, and has coordinated a targeted 100-day campaign for the prevention and control of autumn and winter air pollution.

The city has also implemented measures to improve the health of the 11 major rivers and lakes, promoting the implementation of 50 key projects focusing on preventing and controlling water pollution. It was the first in the province to achieve a zero-clearance network for combined urban rain and sewage systems, with 20 national and provincial control sections meeting comprehensive standards and three sections showing improved water quality.

As a result, the proportion of nearshore areas with excellent water quality has reached 99.3 percent, the highest in history, and the city’s Laoshan Bay topped the first group of provincial beautiful bays.