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Qingdao to host plum blossom festival

( | 2024-03-21

Qingdao, a coastal city in Shandong, plans to kick off the 24th Qingdao Plum Blossom Festival on March 22. [Photo/Qingdao News]

As spring returns, everything is returning to life. The flowers bloom and people rush to experience the season with family and friends. 

Qingdao, a coastal city in Shandong, is expected to hold the 24th Qingdao Plum Blossom Festival from March 22 to April 22. The annual festival will feature a market with a food street, cultural and creative intangible heritage area, and children's entertainment area.

There will also be sections for showcasing distinctive tourism products, traditional Chinese medicine and health food, hotel and catering promotions, and policy briefings. Calligraphers and artists will be present at the venue, capturing the lively scenes of the festival through on-site brushwork and ink splashing.

The Qingdao Plum Blossom Festival, which was launched in 1999, has been held 23 times, attracting tens of millions of visitors to Licang district for sightseeing and tourism and exerting a strong influence in the Qingdao area.

The annual Plum Blossom Festival provides a great opportunity for people to appreciate plum blossoms, engage in sightseeing and tourism, and experience the local culture, showcasing the unique natural scenery and cultural heritage of Licang district and presenting the district as a place of beauty and joy for both local and visitors.

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