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Qingdao Photo Exhibition opens in Richmond, Canada

( | 2024-02-29


On Feb 26, the Qingdao Photo Exhibition with the theme of "A Vibrant Ocean City, A Livable and Lovable City" was held in Richmond, Canada, the sister city of Qingdao.

The event was initiated by the Information Office of the Government of Qingdao, Shandong province, and organized by Xufang International Media Co Ltd, and the Canada-China Youth Culture and Arts Exchange Promotion Association.

Malcolm Brodie, the Mayor of Richmond, attended the event and delivered a speech. Also present were Pius Chan, National Chairman of the Chinese Federation of Commerce of Canada, as well as representatives from the Sister City Advisory Committee, various Chinese organizations in Canada, Richmond residents, and media outlets. The event was chaired by Wu Lianjie, President of Canadian CanHealth Enterprises Ltd.

Malcolm Brodie expressed in his video speech that this April marks the 16th anniversary of the signing of the friendship agreement between Richmond and Qingdao. Richmond established a Sister City Advisory Committee dedicated to keeping the sister-city friendship prominent. He congratulated the hosting of the Qingdao Photo Exhibition and expressed hope that the friendly relationship and cooperation in various fields will work for both parties for many years to come. He also looked forward to deeper and more extensive collaboration between the two cities in the future.

During the event, Pius Chan presented Richmond with a 100-meter traditional Chinese painting scroll titled Green Waters and Blue Mountains featuring the scenery of Laoshan Mountain.

In recent years, Qingdao has been stepping up efforts to build itself into a metropolis which is a pioneer of modern industry, a leading modern maritime city, an international innovative city, a global gateway and hub, a high-quality bay city suitable for living, business and traveling, and a model city for modern governance. The photo exhibition and its theme vividly and comprehensively showcased the new achievements of Qingdao in city building and the construction of an international metropolis in the new era.

The photo exhibition will contribute to a deeper understanding of Qingdao among the residents of Richmond, enhance the friendship and mutual trust between the two cities and further facilitate the cultural exchanges between China and Canada.