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Preserving ICH instrument in Shinan

( | 2023-11-17

The Qingdao Guqin Association in Shinan district in Qingdao is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the Jiuyi Guqin, a traditional seven-stringed plucked instrument, and its unique craftsmanship.

The association operates multiple intangible cultural heritage practice venues in Qingdao. Its headquarters boasts a spacious practice base spanning over 200 square meters and is staffed by two intangible cultural heritage inheritors.


A craftsman of Jiuyi Guqin intangible cultural heritage workshop polishes the wood for the main body of a guqin, a seven-stringed plucked instrument. [Photo/WeChat account: Shinanly]

The workshop offers a wide range of services and has over 130 ancient guqin books, 64 drawings and templates of guqin styles, as well as traditional woodworking tools for guqin craftsmanship. Services provided include lessons on guqin performance, material selection for guqin craftsmanship, wood embryo production, structural analysis, tuning refinement, lacquer preparation, accessory production and installation, lacquering, and stringing.

Jiuyi Guqin workshop, as one of the intangible cultural heritage workshops, has met the criteria set by the Shandong provincial government:

Firstly, the workshops should be based on representative intangible cultural heritage projects in the local area or be engaged in the production of traditional handicrafts that have distinct characteristics and demonstrate potential business value.

Secondly, they should have the necessary facilities such as venues, water and electricity supply, heating, and tools and equipment for production.

Thirdly, they should prioritize the employment of the impoverished population and target groups requiring assistance, and have a track record of absorbing a sizable number of the impoverished population.