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SPG launches first inland port in Qinghai

( | 2023-11-08

Shandong Port Group (SPG) launched its first land port in Xining in Northwest China's Qinghai province on Oct 28, and the Xining Express sea-rail intermodal train made its debut on the same day.

A launching ceremony was held in Xining on Oct 28, which was attended by senior officials of Qinghai province.

To date, Shandong Port has launched 88 sea-rail intermodal freight lines and established 39 inland ports, further improving the logistics network layout in the Yellow River Basin and contributing to the high-quality development of the regional economy.

The successful launch of the Xining Express sea-rail intermodal train and the establishment of the Qinghai (Xining) inland port reflect the active implementation of the national strategy for ecological protection and the high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin.

Shandong Port will make the most of port radiation and resource aggregation platform, integrate logistics, commerce, personnel, capital and information flows, and establish all-round and multi-level cooperation in transportation, trade, finance, culture and tourism sectors.

Following the inaugural ceremony, SPG, in collaboration with Xining Comprehensive Bonded Zone, held a meeting with import and export companies in Xining. Participants focused on the facilitation of the Yellow River Basin's land-sea logistics corridor.

At the meeting, SPG announced "six commitments on services", including strengthening sea-rail intermodal operation, optimizing container transshipment processes, and reducing sea-rail intermodal logistics costs.

These measures aim to further facilitate transport, strengthen hubs, and provide comprehensive support to the high-quality development of industries in Xining.