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Qingdao adds new landmark to fuel high-end cultural tourism

( | 2023-06-13


A grand launch ceremony of the dual-brand project is held on June 10 in Qingdao's Laoshan district. [Photo provided to]

The first dual-brand project of Diaoyutai MGM Hospitality, Diaoyutai Hotel Qingdao and MGM Qingdao opened to the public in Qingdao's Laoshan district of Shandong province on June 10, creating a new landmark of high-end cultural tourism and injecting strong momentum into the development of the service industry in the city.

With a height of 201.8 meters, the dual-brand project marks the tallest coastal building in Laoshan. It is invested and operated by Shanghai Industrial Development (Qingdao) Investment Co Ltd with a total investment of 3.6 billion yuan ($503.5 million).

Covering approximately 50 mu (3.34 hectares) and a total construction area of 212,400 square meters, the project consists of financial and business facilities including super five-star hotels, premium grade-A offices and international conference centers.


A view of the project in Laoshan district. [Photo provided to]

The project integrates Qingdao's characteristics into design and positioning. With their own unique features, the two hotels showcase different styles and charms.

Diaoyutai Hotel Qingdao adheres to the philosophy of hospitality. Its Chinese restaurant takes inspiration from the Penglai Fairyland and offers panoramic views of the beautiful Qingdao Bay through floor-to-ceiling windows, while MGM Qingdao, on the other hand, is bold, energetic and striking. It features two color palettes: "red" elegantly reflecting Qingdao's long-standing red brick roofs and city memories, and "green" celebrating the surrounding natural environment.

The unveiling ceremony of the Macao Window was also held during the opening of the hotels. Led by Shanghai Industrial Development Holdings Co Ltd and MGM Resorts International, the event demonstrated Macao's unique urban charm and promoted cultural exchanges and tourism between the two places through a display at MGM Qingdao from June 8 to 13.

Diaoyutai Hotel Qingdao and MGM Qingdao have been built with craftsmanship, high efficiency and professionalism thanks to the unremitting efforts of both the government and enterprises.

During the construction, for example, the Laoshan government optimized the business environment in both administrative and market aspects. It only took three months to complete the approval procedures from the completion of the main building to the start of operation.

Boutique cultural tourism projects can not only drive consumption upgrades, but also act as an accelerator to increase the city's capabilities and open up new development space. The dual-brand project signals that Laoshan's high-end service industry has entered a stage of global competition.


A night view of the project in Laoshan district. [Photo provided to]