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Leading enterprises flock to Qingdao targeting AI innovation

( | 2023-05-18


The research and development headquarters of GoerTek, a globally-focused technology innovation enterprise in Laoshan [Photo/Guanhai News]

Beijing Digital Telecom, known as Dixintong, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the government of Laoshan district in Qingdao city, Shandong province, on May 14 to build an artificial intelligence base in the Qingdao AI Industrial Park and form an integrated service model for the intelligent robotics industry by relying on the city's core advantages in talents, resources and computing power.

Qingdao is becoming a key hub for emerging industries and attracting a batch of leading companies. The Beijing-based software company DHC's sub-center industrial park is expected to open up in November; Supercomputer manufacturer Sugon is laying out its global research and development headquarters in Qingdao; and GoerTek, a globally-focused technology innovation enterprise, has set up its research and development headquarters in Laoshan. Using this as a base, the company plays an important role in the industrial layout of the city in such sectors as virtual reality and microelectronics.

The city has a solid foundation in industries with a wide range of application scenarios and rich data resources. Its robust industrial system covers 39 of the 41 major categories.

In terms of computing power, which is a cornerstone of AI, Qingdao has already established two major computing centers: the Qingdao Artificial Intelligence Computing Center, which has a high central processing unit performance equivalent to that of 50,000 personal computers in the first phase and the "Heart of the Sea" Artificial Intelligence Computing Center with a computing power of 150P in the first phase.

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