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Qingdao's old downtown area bustles during May Day holiday

( | 2023-05-05

The old downtown area of Qingdao served as a popular tourist destination throughout the May Day holiday.

The first phase of Taixingli, the city's largest courtyard project, opened to the public on April 30 and showcased Qingdao's recent transformations. The recently renovated Taixingli offered a collection of trendy food and cultural establishments that were popular among visitors, and longstanding brands also saw their fair share of new and returning customers.

Throughout the May Day holiday, a variety of events took place in Shangjieli, including camping, movie screenings, visual light shows and creative exhibitions, which highlighted the cultural significance of the old downtown area.

An anonymous visitor from Nanjing, Jiangsu province said that Qingdao's sea is breathtaking, and the old downtown area possesses a unique allure, and St. Michael's Church and Anna Villa were particularly popular locations for taking photos and making memories.

Concurrently, an exhibition at Junyeli offered a peaceful oasis within the busy urban landscape. Delicious food was available to visitors in Weixinli, and amidst the bustling environment, the markets resembled a lively, yet orderly haven, to display the most vibrant and authentic aspects of the city.

The events created a multifaceted celebration of culture, tourism and consumption, which attracted people from around the world to experience Qingdao's old downtown area.


Crowds of visitors stroll around in Qingdao's old downtown area. [Photo/Guanhai News]