West Coast New Area

Qingdao WCNA sees bumper harvest in salmon aquaculture

( | 2023-04-20

Located in Qingdao West Coast New Area (Qingdao WCNA), Qingdao National Deep Sea Green Aquaculture Pilot Zone has witnessed a bumper harvest in domestic salmon aquaculture. The zone, which covers a total area of 553.6 square kilometers, is the first national-level deep sea green aquaculture pilot zone in China.

The zone boasts superior natural conditions, with all its evaluation factors, such as dissolved oxygen, pH value, and water temperature, meeting Class-A seawater quality standards. The temperature of the bottom seawater in the experimental area remains below 12 degrees Celsius throughout the year, which is suitable for the growth of high-value fish like salmon and trout.

At present, the zone has rolled out a centralized aquaculture control management system, which integrates digital technologies like environmental monitoring, automatic feeding, aquaculture light control, and biomass monitoring. It establishes an integrated digital management model, making the aquaculture process more scientific, convenient, and efficient.

Based on the experience in environmental parameters and fish fry production patterns in deep sea aquaculture over many years, a data processing system based on AI algorithms is used to fit the fish growth curve, achieving comprehensive dynamic monitoring and transmission, as well as intelligent breeding analysis throughout the entire process. This can provide a scientific breeding plan with lower costs, the shortest cycle, and optimal fattening.

As a coastal city, marine fishing has always been an advantage for QWCNA. Relying on the North China (Qingdao) International Aquatic Products Trading Center and Cold Chain Logistics Base, the area plans to build a national backbone cold chain logistics base, as well as a complete industrial chain integrating aquatic product trading, cold chain logistics, and deep processing.