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Qingdao prioritizes urban renewal

( | 2023-04-20


Qingdao is bathed in the morning sunlight. [Photo/IC]

Qingdao in Shandong province has made remarkable efforts in urban renewal in the first quarter of this year.

Qingdao plans to launch 1,296 projects, with a total investment of 199.54 billion yuan ($28.97 billion), this year, among which 802 projects started construction in the first quarter. As of the end of March, 997 projects were in full swing, laying a solid foundation for achieving the annual target.

The city is accelerating urban renewal in such fields as the protection and upgrading of historical areas, the renovation of old communities and villages, as well as the construction of public facilities, parking lots, and parks.

It is pushing forward key infrastructure projects, including the Chongqing Road Expressway, Jiaozhou Bay Second Tunnel, and the Guanlu Road Reservoir.

Qingdao will renovate 473 old residential areas this year, in which 386 had been under construction by the end of March. It is also upgrading old communities, such as Shimei'an in Licang district and Wenzhang in Laoshan district.

Other ongoing projects include 10 metro lines, covering a length of 188 kilometers, as well as the upgrading of the Zhanqiao Pier scenic area on Taiping Road and Fudao Park.

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Qingdao, Shandong province [Photo/VCG]

Comprehensive planning

Qingdao's urban renewal not only concentrates on renovating facilities like buildings and pipe networks, but also optimizes services, such as senior care, food, and medical assistance, according to the needs of the public.

The city is boosting the integrated development of communities and improving the quality of life for residents while maximizing the economic value of the city. One example is the development of the Licun River basin, which combines the renovation of old villages with the city's ecological governance.


There is another development trend in the in-depth urban renewal construction of Qingdao, which is to pay more attention to "refinement" — small and micro spaces that can improve the city's livability, business, and tourism.

In the first quarter, the city built 6,254 new parking lots, constructed 22 pocket parks and nine fitness venues, as well as expanded green space and leisure venues by about 320,000 square meters.

It also plans to construct 10 three-dimensional pedestrian crossing facilities around schools, hospitals, scenic spots, parks, and business districts.