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Guzheng concert kicks off in Shinan

( | 2023-04-14

A guzheng (a traditional Chinese stringed musical instrument) concert was held in Shinan's Qingdao Musical Hall on April 8, and served as one of the district's public-interest performances, which attracted about 500 audience members.

The opening show of the concert was the Elephant King Travel, which blended the sounds of the French horn and guzheng to present the bravery and wisdom of an elephant king vividly.

The Waves of the Sea, composed by Wang Rui, who is a Qingdao musician, was also played at the concert. The music resembled the voice of seagulls and waves to express the love for Qingdao.

On top of that, the concert showcased music from different regions and ethnic groups, such as Qingtuqing from Shaanxi province and Dance of the Yi People, which depict the beautiful life of China's Yi ethnic group.

The unveiling ceremony of the Shinan Cultural Center Xihe Juvenile Guzheng Art Group also took place at the concert. The art group consists of 100 youngsters who are good at playing the guzheng, and will join hands with New 100 Creative Cultural Industrial Park to build a platform to promote Qingdao's art education.

According to Liu Xiang, general manager of Qingdao Xinyibai Creative Culture Co, which is one of the sponsors of the concert, the industrial park plans to give full play to the clustering effect of platforms and will continue to promote Shinan's image as a famous historical and cultural place.


Young performers play the guzheng at a concert held in Shinan on April 8. [Photo/WeChat account: Shinanly]