Shandong Tourism Development Conference in more detail

(China Daily) | 2023-03-25


The overall design of the conference logo echoes Qingdao's character of "mountain, sea, city and bay", highlighting the characteristic style of "red tiles, green trees, blue sea and blue skies", by implementing youthful and romantic colors to go along with an open and inclusive mind.


The mascot prototype, named Happy, is a small drop of water splashed by waves in the sea. The ocean represents broadness and infinite vitality, while the high-spirited shape represents development and future. Happy has a pair of water-blue eyes full of hope, which symbolizes Qingdao's open, enterprising and inclusive urban spirit. The overall design concept of Happy implies the infinite vitality boosted by the recovery of the cultural tourism industry and also reflects Qingdao's international, fashionable and youthful tourism image.


Four major events

The opening ceremony of the conference will be held at the Qingdao International Convention Center on March 26. Leaders of the provincial government, the chairman of the World Tourism Alliance, business representatives and foreign guests will deliver speeches. At the opening ceremony, a signing ceremony for key cultural and tourism projects will also be held and a global promotional activity titled "Traveling China, Better Life - Meeting the Sea along the Yellow River" will be launched.

A working meeting is to be launched on March 27, with the main venue in Qingdao and branch venues in cities and counties across the province.

A tour activity will be held after the opening ceremony on March 26. Guests will be able to visit the renewal site of Qingdao's historical urban area, take a night cruise to Fushan Bay by boat and enjoy a themed light show. They can also choose a number of cultural tourism experience routes to enjoy Qingdao's new tourism scenes and landmarks.

A digital cultural tourism achievement exhibition will also take place during the conference, showcasing projects such as naked-eye 3D and metaverse tours as well as smart cultural tourism platforms including the "Travel Qilu on the Cloud" and "Travel Qingdao on the Cloud".

Key activities

Key activities cover the 2023 Qingdao International Tourism and Leisure City Forum and the Shandong International Inbound Travel Business Conference, which aim to create international tourism exchange and cooperation platforms, deepen communication and promote the rapid recovery and quality improvement of inbound tourism and consumption.

A third key activity is the investment promotion meeting for important cultural and tourism projects in Shandong, which strives to strengthen the high-quality development of the cultural tourism industry and attract well-known enterprises to invest in Shandong. Another is the Shandong Cruise Tourism Development Forum, designed to boost sea tourism in the region.