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Qingdao a tourist hit for nature, fashion and modern charms

( | 2023-03-24


Qingdao, Shandong province [Photo/VCG]

A renowned tourist spot in China, the coastal city Qingdao in Shandong province is an ideal destination with natural landscapes, such as mountains, trees, as well as blue sea, coupled with its unique fusion of historical and modern charms.

The 2023 Shandong Tourism Development Conference, which will kick off in Qingdao from March 26 to 27, will highlight the integration of mountains, seas, bays, rich cultural heritage, and opening-up of the city. It will also reflect the latest trends of cultural tourism and accelerate the region's march towards being an international coastal tourism destination.

As the only cultural tourism project built on top of a super-high vertical building complex in Shandong, Tsingtao Haitian View & Art marks the city's pioneering vision with outstanding artistic vitality and high-altitude sightseeing.

For Qingdao residents and tourists, the city's beer culture is a unique and major draw. On Dengzhou Road, there are always streams of tourists queuing at the entrance of the Tsingtao Beer Museum where they can observe the brewing process in the workshop and take a sip of the local specialty.

Qingdao Aquarium offers visitors the beauty of nature, biodiversity, and ocean creatures with spots such as Jellyfish Palace, the Seal Pavilion, the Marine Biology Pavilion, the Whale Pavilion, Qingdao Underwater World, as well as the Freshwater Biology Pavilion.

After touring the aquarium, visitors can take a cruise ship to the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center in Fushan Bay. The center has hosted many major events, such as the sailing competitions of the 29th Olympic Games in 2008.

Fashion shows are also highlights of Qingdao, with the shining lights, musical symbols, and dynamic lasers breaking through the tranquility of the Qingdao Bay at night.