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Representatives of European companies visit Shibei

( | 2023-03-16

The exchange meeting for representatives from European companies in Qingdao was held in the city's Shibei district on March 15 to help attract investment and promote a higher standard of opening-up.

More than 10 representatives from companies and agencies from France, Hungary, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and other countries visited industrial parks, and historical and port areas in Shibei to have an in-depth understanding of the district's social and economic development.


The exchange meeting of representatives from European companies in Qingdao gets underway in Shibei district on March 15. [Photo/Qingdao News]

Shibei is not only the core area of Qingdao, but also the birthplace of Qingdao's modern industry and commerce, and has profound historical deposits, said local officials.

In recent years, Shibei has released the space for industrial development by implementing urban renewal. It has introduced a "2+6" industrial system with distinctive features, which is led by the headquarters economy and digital economy, and focuses on shipping trade and modern finance.

Shibei has also set up a service group for European companies and agencies in Qingdao as a platform to boost investment attraction and business services.

Shibei plans to hold a series of promotional events to increase its international profile and attract more European enterprises to set up businesses and invest in the district. It is also optimizing the business environment and forming an open, competitive and orderly modern market system.


Representatives from European companies visit the historic blocks in the Dabaodao area near Zhongshan Road in Shibei district. [Photo/Qingdao News]