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Expats explore Qingdao SCO zone

( | 2023-03-07

A group of expats from Russia, Pakistan, Iran, Cameroon and other countries paid a visit to the China-Shanghai Cooperation Organization Local Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Area, or SCODA, in Qingdao on March 3.


A group of expats visit the SCODA in Qingdao on March 3. [Photo/WeChat account: shsfqgwh]

They visited the SCODA Pearl International Expo Center, which located in the core area of the SCODA, to promote trade, investment and cultural cooperation among countries under the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

The expo center has an area of about 168,800 square meters and is composed of four parts: a comprehensive museum, a cultural exhibition area of SCO elements, a multifunctional museum and a central square.


The expats listen to the introduction of the SCODA Pearl International Expo Center. [Photo/WeChat account: shsfqgwh]

The SCO culture elements exhibition zone, an important part of the expo center, provides an exhibition hall of the same size for each SCO member state, observer state and dialogue partner state.

The main venue of the event, the Belarus elements exhibition area, exhibited photos of landmark buildings in Belarus as well as the country's nearly 100 kinds of featured products such as dairy products and Kouuyhapka chocolates.

The SCODA Pearl International Expo Center impressed an international student from Sri Lanka as it houses an area that specifically sells Sri Lankan products and exhibits the country's environment and customs.

"In the future, with the continuous improvement of its surrounding supporting facilities, the expo center will be built into a comprehensive service center integrating cultural exchange, foreign affairs reception, tourism and sightseeing, and become a platform for diverse interaction between the SCO countries and local areas, as well as a window for people to learn about the history and culture of the SCO countries," said a SCODA official.

The expats also visited the Dagu River Museum and Ruyi Lake Park to learn more about the history of the Dagu River basin and the SCODA's urban landscape.


An expat takes photos of exhibits at the Dagu River Museum. [Photo/WeChat account: shsfqgwh]