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Jiaozhou cabbage wins acclaim nationwide

( | 2022-11-09

Officials from the Jiaozhou bureau of agriculture and rural affairs have stepped up efforts to improve the brand awareness of Jiaozhou nappa cabbage and expand its market sales by attending a series of high-level expos and promotional events.


Jiaozhou nappa cabbage is on display at a Shandong brand agricultural product promotional event. [Photo/Qingdao News]

Farmers in Jiaozhou, a county 50 kilometers northwest of downtown Qingdao, have grown the cabbage for hundreds of years. Jiaozhou nappa cabbage has a long history of cultural significance, and is grown by modern farmers with improved technology, classical music and elaborate care. It is a favorite gourmet vegetable throughout China.

During a Shandong brand agricultural product promotional event in Changsha, Hunan province, an official from Jiaozhou introduced the history of Jiaozhou nappa cabbage, as well as its scientific research and production, and brand culture to dealers who participated in the activity.

The activity also included the Jiaozhou cabbage tasting session for consumers to sample the fresh and authentic Jiaozhou cabbage.


A Jiaozhou official introduces Jiaozhou nappa cabbage at a promotional event. [Photo/Qingdao News]

Local dealers in Changsha said that the cabbage is grown in a good ecological environment with quality water and soil conditions. The Jiaozhou cabbage is a very high-quality agricultural specialty product, and the promotional activity will help Jiaozhou gain a lot of attention in the Changsha market.

The Jiaozhou cabbage was also promoted during the 27th Macao International Trade and Investment Fair (MIF) where it was praised by local customers.